Nairn Synchro - our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

With the active participation of every swimmer, coach, and parent, Nairn Synchronised Swimming Club will be recognised for the promotion of excellence in synchronised swimming.


Our Mission

 Is to promote and teach the sport of synchronised swimming, developing swimmers to reach their highest potential in a positive environment.


Our Core Values

 Respect, Teamwork, Dedication, Discipline, Excellence & Camaraderie.


We Aspire

• To encourage and promote the sport of synchronised swimming

• To enable each swimmer to reach their potential

• To be a synchro club which fosters an environment of teamwork, excellence, camaraderie, dedication, discipline and respect

• To have the highest standards of performance in training and competition

• To encourage the development of a synchro family ethos, providing the warmest welcome to new swimmers and providing support for all

• To highly value club volunteers

• To create a synchronised swimming club with the highest quality coaching staff, together with passionate and engaged swimmers and parents who will support its growth

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