Nairn Synchro - Policy for the use of Photographic & Video Equipment


Information for Swimmers and Guardians on the Use of Cameras and Video Equipment within the Club

The use of visual evidence of performance, e.g. Figure work, routine work in training and competition, is an important tool for coaching Synchro swimming.

Nairn Synchro will sometimes use videos and/or cameras during training sessions and competitions for coaches and swimmers to analyse  performance.  Video evidence of this nature is for internal club use only and shall not be shown to any external agency without the express consent of both the athlete and their guardian(s).

We will take photographs for appropriate media coverage including newspapers or websites from time to time.  Any club personnel using video or camera equipment will be aware of and agree to abide by this policy and have permission from the Club Committee for use at named occasions.

External agencies are required to apply for permission and will be made aware of and agree to abide by this policy before permission for use is granted.


Permission for use must be obtained before attending training / competitions (see REQUEST FOR PERMISSION TO USE CAMERA AND VIDEO EQUIPMENT application form).  In order to be granted permission, you must agree to abide by the following policy.


All material must be used for the purpose stated on the application and must not be altered in any way without the prior approval in writing of the person(s) photographed or their guardian(s).


Video evidence used for performance analysis in club training sessions or at competitions must be used solely for this purpose and viewed with consent of the athlete in question.  Video evidence gathered by the club will not be given to any outside agency without the express consent of the athlete and their guardian(s).


We would request that the swimmer’s modesty is protected at all times.  To this end, swimmers should only be photographed in swimwear during action or staged shots.


APPLICATION FORMS for permission to photograph or video are available from the Club:


Please note that it is the camera users own responsibility to be aware of facility Normal Operating Procedures.

Permission from the club does not necessarily infer permission from facility owners / operators.


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